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Tartaric acid derivatives of natural origin

Our tartaric acid products come from the best wine regions in Catalonia. The tartaric acid is produced during the natural ripening process of the grapes and is also known as tartaric acid or Latin acidum tartaricum .

Their salts and ester compounds are called "tartrates" and tartaric acid is approved as food additive E 334 in the EU. It is used in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and for technical applications, e.g. as a retarder in dental plasters.

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Our products are manufactured to the strictest quality standards and constantly tested, so we guarantee you as a customer absolute safety for the highest quality of your end products.

Each delivery comes with a specific certificate of analysis, our production in Spain is certified USP / EUR / BP pharmacopeia, Halal and Kosher.


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Food Industry

Our products are used in the food industry, e.g. in soft drinks, cooking oil or pastry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry also relies on our natural products for pharmaceutical additives.

Dental Technology

Suppliers of high quality dental technology use our products as retardants of gypsum.

Building Materials industry

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Tartaric acid trade since 1956

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