Selected and natural products

In our selected assortment, you will find products that are exclusively made from natural ingredients.

E 334

Tartaric acid

Our tartaric acid is subject to stringent quality controls and is also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

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E 337

Rochelle salt

Our Rochelle salt originates from the pure natural wine aging process and is subject to the strictest quality controls.

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E 336 (II)

Potassium tartrate

Potassium kartrates are used as a food additive, e.g. as an acid carrier for baking soda or as a salt substitute.

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E 335

Sodium tartrate

Sodium tartrates are the sodium salts of tartaric acid (E 334) and are used, inter alia, as a substitute for table salt.

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E 336 (I)

Cream of Tartar

Cream of Tartar crystallizes during storage of wine or grape juice, where it mainly deposites on the bottom of wine barrels.

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