Potassium tartrate - E336 (II)

Potassium tartrate is the potassium salt of tartaric acid (E 334). Mono-potassium tartrate (cream of tartar) and di-sodium tartrate found as a food additive use. Tartrates form stable complexes with iron and heavy metal ions, thus supporting the effect of antioxidants. By slow release of potassium tartrate ions the gelatinizing speed of carrageenan, alginate and pectin gels as well as brawn is regulated.

Tartrate is used as an acid or as a carrier for baking powder salt substitutes. Winemakers add potassium tartrate to remove the Cream of Tartar with young wines faster.

25 kgs paper bags with PE-Inliner, pallettizing with 1.000 kgs/EUR Pallette

CAS: 921-59-9
E number: E 336 (II)
EINECS: 213-067-8


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